I’m really keen to share this tip with you — the small details can be the biggest help when it comes to posting on social media.

You see, when someone buys birthday cupcakes they go to the bakery and they stand there in front of the glass cabinet looking at the shelves of pink, blue and chocolate swirls. They definitely consider flavour, but what they’re after is the best looking cupcakes. The ones that scream CELEBRATION! with their rainbow sprinkles and fondant decorations.

I believe the customer’s choice is made on that final sweet, little detail.

If you look at your business you can see it as a bit of a cupcake: There’s a lot of stuff that makes the foundation of the ‘sponge cake’. But it’s the unfolding of the garment or the final stroke of paint on the canvas that gives you a thrill, and likely your customer too.

So, look around you right now and see what makes up your business…

Remember the sprinkles? The tiniest — attractive! — details on the cake… Look for the tiny details of your business and turn them into your posts!

Product based business

What are some of the tiny details that make up your products? For example, if you sell wedding dresses it might be a particular type of bead that you use or perhaps it’s an incredibly delicate fringe lace that’s just arrived at the studio. Unpack it and showcase!

If you sell food products, perhaps there are several individual ingredients that could then become several individual posts e.g. a photo of the rich cacao you put into your energy bars.


If you offer a service you might think that the tiny details that exist in your world are somewhat boring or innocuous, that even you glaze over them.

But there are tiny things that you can share if you add a spark of personality to the post. For example, maybe you have a favourite pen you like to use. Share a pic of it, give it a name and say why that pen’s your keeper (you used it to sign a big deal?! It’s your lucky pen etc…)

Just recently on my personal socials I popped up an article about whether chocolate should be kept in the fridge or the pantry. What started as just a funny little news piece ended up being an even funnier stream of conversation and faux passionate arguing between friends.

Other ideas for service providers could be sharing images and information about where your office is located (views, cafes nearby etc) or the set up of your office (I heard a podcast debating the favourite toilet cubicle in a women’s media office). It’s the quirky little things that can show off your personality and engage customers in a softer, human way.


As a creative I’m often thinking about what I can share on Facebook and Instagram that’s not about my ‘in progress’ manuscript. I love and re-share images of pretty book spines or dreamy reading nooks.

Think about where you work from, what inspires you, how you stay motivated, who you collaborate with etc…

Your turn:

I really believe that if you look around you and see the tiny details that make up your work day and end results, you will find a tonne of inspiration that could be turned into several social media posts.

So, get to it! Find 10 small details around you right now, jot them down in your phone. They’ll be ready the next time you’re scratching your head wondering what to post on social media!

Happy writing and posting,

J x

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