Editorial planning

  • Try this: elevate your social media game with small details

    I’m really keen to share this tip with you — the small details can be the biggest help when it comes to posting on social media. You see, when someone buys birthday cupcakes they go to the bakery and they stand there in front of the glass cabinet looking at the shelves of pink, blue […]

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  • Case study: Businesses that nail storytelling

    I want to share a little background with you… before I went into freelance writing I used to be a communications professional. I’ve worked in government offices and in private businesses, mostly in the health sector. So, as you can imagine a lot of the writing I did was in the shape of media statements […]

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  • 5 Ways to promote your business during a global pandemic

    Flapping his gums, has his foot in his mouth, says too much… yeah we all know that one person who just doesn’t know when to stop talking or worse has absolutely no filter and says the most inappropriate things at the worst possible time. You know who I’m taking about, someone like that loud-mouthed cousin […]

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