Author talk

  • Is there a Tinder for publishing?

    Have you ever considered that finding a publisher is just like dating? Oh, it is so similar, and the rejections feel just as sharp! Well, folks I’m back at it in more ways than one! This is my first blog post back for the year (excuse my tardy start, the holidays and the back to […]

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  • National Conference: Let’s talk genres

      It’s been a cracker of a second day at Fiona McIntosh’s National Conference! Of course, story telling has been a large focus but we’ve also been lucky enough to get a rare insight into the ‘back’ end of publishing from sales strategy to promotion tactics. Let’s roll, readers, and learn along with me! *Catch […]

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  • Q&A: Fiona McIntosh is a publishing powerhouse!

    5 WEEKS TO GO! This post is #6 of a 10-part series in the lead up to a writing conference being hosted by Fiona McIntosh (October 2019). Please follow along with my weekly posts as I share some writing tips and experiences I’ve gained while writing my manuscript and preparing for this wonderful opportunity. This […]

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