Flapping his gums, has his foot in his mouth, says too much… yeah we all know that one person who just doesn’t know when to stop talking or worse has absolutely no filter and says the most inappropriate things at the worst possible time. You know who I’m taking about, someone like that loud-mouthed cousin who talks about their Tinder scores at Aunt Mary’s funeral…

Well, I don’t want your business to be that ‘person’ at the virtual gathering known as your social media platforms.

Right now we are facing the most unique, troubling and often scary times dealing with the corona virus pandemic… and I know from talking to a lot of my girlfriends who run their own businesses that they are so scared of saying the wrong thing online, but still need to be marketing and promoting, and generating an income.

I want to share with you five ways you can still write your blog posts and social media posts and not come-across as insensitive or inappropriate.

Now these suggestions might not be straight-up sales ideas but remember, what you post should always consist of a mix of direct sales and other forms of engagement.

1 – Lead by example

It’s unlikely that you haven’t been touched by this pandemic — from the stress of grocery shopping (no TP!), to home schooling kids, or just general concern for your community. There will be an experience you can share with your audience.

Be open, be considerate and show that behind your brand is a human who is also feeling the affects of this unusual time.

2 – Express your gratitude

If your business is doing well and still making sales, please don’t be ashamed. Please don’t stop letting us know that you are open for business. The community needs businesses to stay open — we need to access your goods and we need your contribution to the economy.

One of my favourite business coaches, Marie Forleo, recently spoke about this and she said:

“Business owners and consumers have an important role to play in the healing of our world. We need everyone to do their part socially, spiritually, physically, and economically.” 

So, keep running your business, but consider taking a moment to share a post or two about your gratitude for those who are supporting you and for others. Trust me, gratitude and kind words will always be appreciated.

3 – Be generous

Do you have a bonus or freebie available? Is there a sale you were going to host later in the year? Why don’t you step up and sprinkle some business generosity around now?

If you are a service-based business could you offer an hour of free consultation? If you sell courses, could you start a scholarship program?

Whatever your business, perhaps there is a way you can offer a shining light in someone’s dark time.

4 – Offer solutions

Have a look at your business and see if there is a way your product or service could be helpful right now — from the serious to the funny. I know it’s a silly example, but if you sell socks promote them as the perfect ‘isolation’ comfort must-have. Is your super food the one thing we need right now to stay energised and productive at home?

As a parent, I am very receptive to any ads or social media posts that offer me a moment of peace and/or promises to distract my children from raiding the fridge a million times a day!

5 – Offer comfort

If the above points don’t resonate with you (or even if they do!), use this time to be a positive source on social media. Share a story of a tough time you overcame, a positive mantra or yes, your favourite empowering quote. Right now, we are being bombarded with news about this pandemic, seeing and hearing about something uplifting is as welcome as an ice-cold glass of water on a sweltering hot day!

Psst! Feel free to share this blog post if you think it could help people you know!

Happy writing and posting,

J x

Pick one category above and write your post right now! Draft it in a Word doc and share it when you’re ready. Tag me if you do, I’d love to see it!

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