I’ve heard this can be an annoying thing to do these days… 

If I admire someone I’m always keen to meet them, talk to them, ask questions and follow them online (not always in that order). 

A business related podcast I listened to said it’s becoming taboo to ask people for their time to ‘pick their brain’; that it’s annoying when they get asked to coffee to be questioned… that makes me sad! I’d hate to think of mentorship being seen as a waste of time.

The number of amazing mentors I’ve had because they’ve been willing to share information has been invaluable in making me who I am today — and that’s not just professionally.

Learning from someone who has been there before is truly invaluable. I really believe that sharing makes your network stronger — that’s why I write this blog!

I want to share ways you can become a great storyteller, whether that’s for a small business, social media or writing your own book (fiction, non-fiction, self development — you can do it all!).

BUT, just like you I’m always learning. Who isn’t with the rapid speed that online marketing changes?! 

I find the best way to continue learning about online marketing, writing content etc, is to analyse the way other individuals and businesses do it.

Be a detective

I would suggest thinking about five people or brands you admire and dedicate time to go through their:

  • Website (especially the About page)
  • Social media platforms
  • Advertising
  • And, any marketing material they have available.

Then, read their materials through a different lens. You’re not a consumer or a follower, you’re there to learn. So, read each sentence and think about the following:

  • How do the words make you feel?
  • What language do they use?
  • Is their content friendly or formal?
  • How do the words look? Colours used, fonts, heading styles etc
  • Where possible, how have people responded? Are there comments? (This is a great exercise if you’re looking at multiple social media posts. This will help you see which ones are successful in terms of engagement).

Make note of the things you love and ways in which you might be able to do something similar (remember not to copy! You want to develop your very own style).

Bonus tip!

Create folders on Facebook and Instagram where you can save posts that you think nailed content style and topics. Then, when you need inspiration you’ll have a whole folder ready to stir up your creativity. If you love websites or news pages save them to a Pinterest board. 

Let me know how you go or if you want to share brands that absolutely nail their storytelling!

Happy writing,

J x

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