How many times have you looked at your social media accounts and thought… sweet baby J, what am I going to write about today?! We’ve all been there!

I truly think that kind of ‘writer’s block’ comes from being under pressure — e.g. it’s been too long since your audience last heard from you or you’ve made a commitment to posting but haven’t pre-planned your content and now you’re in a panic. Worry and stress just makes being creative that little bit harder.

There’s a lot we could talk about when it comes to banking up your ideas and batch writing, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen (and I’ll save it for another post)… instead I want to GIVE you the IDEAS to just get writing. 

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, these five easy, but relevant topics will have you creating posts in less time than it takes to shake and pour a pancake bottle mix!

1 Give your audience a product/service highlight

We are all consumers and we like to know the details before we make a purchase. So, have a look at what you are offering and give your audience a look — think of it as a moment to get out the magnifying glass and focus on ONE STAND OUT ELEMENT

Perhaps you have a garment with a high-end detail or a snack with an ‘energy boosting’ ingredient. If you offer a service, point out a professional interest of yours e.g. a recent research paper you’ve read or a tidbit of knowledge that is interesting to you and your audience.

2 What’s piqued your interest in the news today?

I’ve set up Google media alerts to let me know of the latest news in the book and publishing world. When I come across a really great article or breaking news, I love to share it on my socials.

*HINT!* Go to Google News now and type in a keyword relating to your interests or work. I bet you’ll find something great you could share today! You can also tick a box to have similar results sent to you automatically. 

3 Get personal, baby!

What’s happening your world behind the scenes? Got a cute pet? Tried a new recipe? Or are you celebrating something special? Share it! Just a quick little post sharing some joy on your page, because your social media shouldn’t be about selling all of the time.

It’s also an opportunity to show that a person really is behind the brand, and that it is so important when it comes to getting people to trust and invest in what you’re offering.

4 Share the love

Do you follow a business or person that you really admire? Share them! Give them a shout out and tell your audience why you follow them and what they mean to you.

Remember, social media is about engaging and conversing, so follow and share others that align with your work and your interests. The more active you are, the more will come back to you in return. 

5 Ask a question

Yep, seriously. Post a question to your followers today. 

A friend of mine has a green tea business (X50 – go check it out!) and her customers are invited into a private Facebook group. Recently, she’s been posting questions like ‘How are you feeling today?’ and ‘What’s something little you do to live life better?’ They’ve been generating lovely conversations and she’s putting in the effort to respond to everyone who leaves a comment. It shows she’s interested and engaging. She is BUILDING RAPPORT!

Other questions could seek help, opinions or recommendations. People love to be helpful and this in turn can make them feel like they are part of your business, not just a customer being sold to.

– – –

As you can see posting on social media for business and brands doesn’t have to be the result of giant marketing strategies. It’s about keeping it simple and making your life a little less stressful but meaningful.

Start small and build up to a posting schedule (and topics) that work for you and your audience.



Happy writing and posting,

J x

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