Content marketing

If you run a business you’ve probably heard of content marketing by now. However, you’re probably not sure what exactly that is and how to do it (and by do it, I mean actually get the articles done and published with some regularity).

The most simple definition of content marketing is producing media that adds value to your brand and is a helpful resource for your customers. It’s about producing content that is about your field of expertise or your customer’s interests, but not necessarily directly about your business offerings.

Number one goal?

If you want to get into content marketing (or hire someone like me to help you produce it) your number one goal should be to do it for the customer. Yes, I said for your customers. Intelligently created content marketing will focus on giving your customers/followers informative and helpful articles – not “sales” talk.

The idea behind content marketing is that you want to add value to your brand, you’re not just a product, you’re a personality that is willing to engage and support your customers. For example, Coca-Cola doesn’t just give you a drink they celebrate life, their advertisements aren’t about their beverage, they are always focussed on people partying or having a fun in the sun.

What can you write about?

If you want to develop some content marketing for your business you can write about almost anything that falls within your business field. I do, however, encourage you to think outside the box and get creative, for example a mortgage company could publish an article on how to fit-out a home theatre – yes, their clients are coming to them for mortgages but ultimately they are setting up a new home and that is what interests them the most.

Think about what you sell. Why do people invest in your product or service? How does that fit into their life? Then, expand on that to brainstorm some ideas.

How do you plan and execute content marketing?

Well, obviously I’m going to encourage you first off to get in touch with me and discuss how I can help you plan and write some articles. However, I’m also happy to share some tips if you want to go it on your own first:

  • Brainstorm lots of topics and themes to write about and have them banked up
  • Look to your social media fans to see what they’re talking about and to identify trends
  • Ask your customers and followers directly what they want to know about from you or your business
  • Develop a calendar with dates and times you want to publish the articles and/or promote on social media
  • Pre-write some articles to be published at later dates so you’re not having to write all the time or at publishing time.

Words of encouragement

Don’t be afraid about developing content marketing. The best bit about it is that you are already an expert in your field! Think about why you are in that industry and what excites you about it. Your passion will likely be very similar to that of your customers, so share what you know and what you would enjoy reading about!

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