It’s been a while – two kids, travel and a new house has kept me busy and my work schedule to a minimum. Today, though, marks the start of a fresh chapter in my career.

I’m still going to be freelance writing, but I have new goals. I want to write more lifestyle articles – get published in magazines and online. I am also well into developing my manuscript for my first novel. Last year, I took some time out for myself and went on a writing retreat with one of my favourite authors, Fiona McIntosh. I packed a suitcase, kissed my family goodbye and went into wine country in South Australia for an extended weekend of writing and learning. I left feeling invigorated, inspired, and with a new cheer squad of writers. I’ve kept in touch with my new writing comrades and we boost each other whenever we feel a writing slump coming along.

Back on the Gold Coast, I have worked quietly behind the scenes. Stealing writing time whenever I can to keep my manuscript going, developing my characters and letting a whole new world come to life on the computer before me. I’ve continued learning the craft with different day classes, and lots and lots of reading. I also want to do more blogging this year and I’ll cover a lot of what I’ve learnt, the best books I’ve read about writing and much, much more.

Today, the kids have gone to school/daycare and I am at home with my favourite work playlist blasting and my fingers just tapping away. My mind is racing and I know that there is a lot more to come this year.

I look forward to sharing from here, as much as a I can.

J x