It’s that time of year! I know, I know… we still have another month+ to go but I am a serial planner! It’s time for me to look back at 2019 and see what 2020 has the potential to be. I’d love for you to join me and have created a very basic PDF with three prompts (free copy below in post). Read on to see what I’m reflecting on and what I’m planning for the next year, then, join in and share what you think about your own writing position!

The year that… still is!

The most important thing for me right now is looking at the next few weeks ahead and seeing what I can do to eek out every last drop of opportunity to live, learn and enjoy. There’s still time to read another book or two. There’s still a chance for one more bookclub catch up or a few weekends of visiting the library, a bookstore (Christmas shopping!) or to lock away and write.

I love the end of the year because I see it as an opportunity to reconnect. There are many relationships I actively focused on this year and plenty of new faces I met. I can be a bit slack with Christmas cards, but this year I’ve snapped up a packet in my ‘signature soft pink’ and want to take the time to write to the people I’ve worked with this year.

Reflecting and resetting

I was chatting to a writing friend the other day saying I think might have hit a little slump in my work — I’m still researching and writing but it feels like the year has been a blur and I couldn’t think of what I’d achieved. She suggested looking back at the past month since I went to Fiona McIntosh’s conference, but being in November I though now was a great time to look back on the past year. 

PROMPT 1: Got it!

This year I am so pleased to look back and think ‘yeah, I did that!’, for example:

  • I finished a manuscript! A whole start-to-the-end story!
  • I’ve edited it, submitted it, taken on feedback, cut massive chunks and rewrote it!
  • Polished the manuscript to satisfaction.
  • Attended a conference and pitched to publishers face-to-face.
  • I learnt about the industry as a whole and understand the submitting to publishing process better. 
  • I’ve travelled for research (a goal I want to achieve every year!).
  • I maintained regular conversations with my writing group.

PROMPT 2: Grow baby, grow!

There are two areas I can identify from my work this year that I want to look further into:

  • Character development – when I worked on my manuscript, every edit I made I added more depth to the characters. They got better and more interesting. So, I’ve pulled the breaks on my work at the moment to really research and develop my characters. I want to focus on this more…
  • Which brings me to research — I’ve done a lot this year already, but when reading other books I can see some of the tiny things the authors look into. In particular, I’ve really enjoyed reading historical fiction this year and the research that goes into one story is epic! I’d like to challenge myself to research interesting tid-bits that can be added to my stories like authors of historical fiction do.

PROMPT 3: Goals!

Next year I want to focus on:

  • GETTING CONTRACTED/PUBLISHED! Hello, publishers! Come at me!
  • Finishing my current manuscript in the first quarter.
  • I’d like to attend a writing conference that I’ve never attended before.
  • I’d like to expand my professional networks including but not limited to publishing e.g. I’ve recently joined the Business Chicks and would love to learn from other professionals/speakers.


So, here it is! A small PDF I created for you! I’ve highlighted the three key areas above so that you can think about what you have achieved, what’s a work in progress and what’s a focus point for 2020. Print it out and scribble away! I hope you come back here or on social media and share your thoughts.

FREE PDF: My Writing in Review

J x

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