• Do writers need super senses?

    If you ask someone to describe their favourite holiday destination they’ll likely tell you about the weather, general scenery, fun activities to do there, their favourite things to eat, etc. When you’re a writer describing a scene though, you need to crank up your senses to a superhero level and really absorb and detail the […]

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  • Writers supporting writers

    Every writer needs a tribe.

    Like so many things in life, when you have a support crew, you just do better! Writing is a very isolating task. There can be many days spent in your own thoughts or with your head down at your computer. The research phase before writing requires your focus and then post-writing, the editing phase requires […]

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  • Dealing with writer's block

    Writer’s Block: Kick it in the pants!

    Join any writer’s group and I promise there will be a discussion about what to do if you come up against writer’s block. The thought of getting writer’s block is almost as terrifying as the actual moment itself – unless you don’t believe in it. Yes, that’s right, there are authors out there that don’t […]

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  • New Plan. New Goals.

    It’s been a while – two kids, travel and a new house has kept me busy and my work schedule to a minimum. Today, though, marks the start of a fresh chapter in my career. I’m still going to be freelance writing, but I have new goals. I want to write more lifestyle articles – get […]

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  • What is content marketing?

    If you run a business you’ve probably heard of content marketing by now. However, you’re probably not sure what exactly that is and how to do it (and by do it, I mean actually get the articles done and published with some regularity). The most simple definition of content marketing is producing media that adds value […]

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  • 5 Ways a freelance writer can help your business

    Every industry, every company, in fact almost every person feels like there is too much to achieve in a single day! We outsource in so many areas and hiring a freelance writer to help your business could be the key to success when it comes to your online and media presence. I’ve been in the […]

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