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Jacinta Rose is a professional writer offering valuable writing tips and services to aspiring novelists to help them achieve their dreams.

Jacinta Rose: Born a reader; now a writer.

Hi there, I’m Jacinta Rose. From the moment I could read I have had a love affair with words. 

With a fulfilling career as a commercial writer, I offer ghost writing and editing services to help you achieve your fiction writing goal of becoming a published writer. I’m excited to help bring your manuscript (and mine!) to life as I share the valuable lessons I’ve learned through my experience in the industry. For professional tips, tricks and writing advice, check out my blog here and sign up for my newsletter below so you don’t miss the latest post. 

I’ve worked as a journalist, in public relations and offered media expertise to major corporations and education institutions across Australia. I’ve been a freelancer since 2012 and have pushed myself and my clients to adopt new ways of communicating through social media, engagement and content marketing.

Now, I want to work with you to find your voice and reach your audience through great stories, engaging captions and a brand that shines!

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Commercial Fiction writer

I’ve read the books, drafted the manuscripts and worked under the tutelage of one of Australia’s most popular fiction writers, Fiona McIntosh.

Now, it’s time to work on bringing my books to life!


Jacinta Rose professional writer of commercial fiction

Jacinta Rose - Women's commercial fiction

I take to writing like a duck to water! Or a kid with a fistful of candy… or a woman with an unlimited credit card in Cartier! You get my drift. I have two books I’m working on and am part of many writing networks in Australia.

When will my books be published?
That is an excellent question! Stay tuned for updates (but if you know a great publisher looking for a new author, send them my way!)

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