facts tell, stories sell!


Reach and engage through storytelling!


I want to tell you something… 

You can write. You can share stories. You can engage with your audience. Truly!

Do you want to know why? Because you know your own story best!

I am just going to nudge you along to do it the most effective way you can, using all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 15+ years working in and with the media and corporate organisations. We’re a team now!

ACTION ONE: Developing your content ideas

I want you to sit down with an old school pen and paper and come up with 10 story ideas (more is great, but don’t shortcut yourself and do less). When I say ‘stories’ they can be news, tips, insights, experiences etc. 

  ~ Who are you? 
  ~ Why did you start your business?
  ~ Do you have a success or horror story to share?
  ~ Do you have a great case study or popular product/skill/service?

These are starting points and they don’t even have to be individual ideas, perhaps under each of the above points you have two ideas to share and… boom! That’s eight stories already! Go you!



ACTION TWO: Deciding how to share

Platforms – Without a doubt I advocate for putting your stories on your own website first and foremost. Why? Because you always want to draw attention back to your website where you have your products/services.

Then, consider the social media platforms that a) you feel comfortable using and b) where your ideal audience hang out. And NO you do not have to be across all platforms, that’s just impossible and exhausting these days.

Timelines – Post and share on a timeline that suits you. You must make room in your schedule for online sharing, but do it in a way that means you can be consistent with it e.g. daily for social media and/or once a fortnight for blogs.



ACTION THREE: Sharing and engaging

You’ve got your content ideas, you’re drafting the stories and you know how/when you want to reach your audience…

A) Check the look and details on your website and social media platforms.
B) Read your post/story/blog post out loud and look for typos again and again.
C) Are you adding a snazzy pic or cute selfie?
D) Post it! And don’t be shy in asking people to share it! Add a call to action or a prompt.
E) Please, please, please respond to comments on there!

Now, here’s one more thing I recommend: Look at other social media profiles that align with your brand/business and give them a follow and leave a comment. Remember that online engagement is a two-way street!

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Two heads are better than one, right?

I get it! I know that sometimes you just want to talk about your brand and/or business offerings and figure out the best plan. Perhaps you have a special launch coming up and want to fine tune your activities. I can certainly talk you through ideas that will allow you to do your own communication and go, go, go!

(Please note this is not a PR program and I’m unable to assist with running campaigns or talking to the media on your behalf.)


Do you want help getting published?

We all have a story to tell but sometimes those words just won’t come out! I can write or edit the following:

– A blog
– Non-fiction books (e.g. self-help, biographies, etc)
– A column/article (contribute to newspapers, magazines, popular websites, industry publications, etc)

Note: this isn’t a major, regular offering of mine and does require advance notice and planning.

Read more kind words from clients

  • ‘Jacinta Rose is a reliable and dedicated writer who goes out of her way to deliver on brief and always on time. She is able to grasp the objectives of our clients and is more than happy to assist with reasonable requests. Jacinta is low maintenance and a pleasure to work with.’

    – Lachlan Searle, Content Editor for Newsmodo.
  • ‘Jacinta is a creative and experienced writer who can cover anything from parenting topics to entertainment news. Her work is always polished, professional, and well-researched. Jacinta responds quickly to feedback and stays on top of the ever-changing procedures in the world of online publishing. She has a knack for adding her voice to anything she works on, even advertorial content with strict guidelines.’

    – Alicia French, SheKnows (former International Editor)
  • ‘Jacinta brings a fresh approach to consultation and immerses herself fully in the client brief. Her strategies are well researched and she finds innovative ways to communicate with the target audience, particularly through social media. Her results speak volumes.’

    – Veronica Jones, General Manager of The Outsource Place
  • ‘Jacinta has a bright and effervescent personality and is a skilled journalist with a passion for writing and media. I would not hesitate in recommending Jacinta to other organisations who have a desire to refresh, re-energise or re-new their media, marketing and general organisational profile and branding.’

    – Jennene Buckley, CEO of Feros Care
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